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  • Dream Meaning of Candles

    Dream Meaning of Candles

    Seeing candles in the dream means generous, high minded people who are whiter than white. These people either may be a religious official who helps other people to choose right decisions or maybe scientists who help people to learn things in the light of science. The dream of candles suggests that you may be this […]

  • Dream Meaning of Camel

    Dream Meaning of Camel

    Dream about a camel is usually associated with sorrow, sadness and distressed moods. Also, it is a symbol of patience, endurance and determination. If you dream of a camel it means you have some difficulties in your life and you have to be patient and determined to get over these problems. If you saw a […]

  • Dream Meaning of Calf

    Dream Meaning of Calf

    To dream about a calf may serve as a warning for the dream owner. If you dream about a calf, it means the dreamer has to analyze better the decisions you make, the people you see and the steps you take in your life. It’s a sign that you need to be more sensitive and […]

  • Dream Meaning of Cat

    Dream Meaning of Cat

    Seeing a cat in a dream has negative consequences. Seeing a female cat in a dream indicates a bad woman. If you have seen a female pet cat in a dream, you will be peaceful. If you see a female street cat, you will face a difficult situation Killing a Cat in the Dream Killing […]