Dream Meaning of Cat

Seeing a cat in a dream has negative consequences. Seeing a female cat in a dream indicates a bad woman.

If you have seen a female pet cat in a dream, you will be peaceful. If you see a female street cat, you will face a difficult situation

Killing a Cat in the Dream

Killing a cat in the dream points to your capture of the thief. Some comments show you will get rid of your troubles.  

Fight with a Cat in the Dream

Fighting with a cat in your dream means you will have a disease. You’ll beat all the problems individually. You will get a great profit and you will lose them.

Seeing a Dead Cat in Dream

It has a good meaning. It means that someone who betrayed him will get out of his life. So that he will get rid of all the troubles.

Biten By a Cat in The Dream

If you are feeding a cat and this cat is biting you, you will be comfortable for a year.

Seeing Biten By a Wild Cat in Your Dream

If you saw that you were bitten by a wild cat in your dream, it means that your business will go bad for a year.

Seeing Cat Scratching in the Dream

You will encounter enemy people. You should be careful with these people. If a male cat attacked you it means you will get sick.

Being a Cat in the Dream

If you see it, it means you will steal something. If you have a fight with another cat, you will end a partnership.

Seeing the cat entering the house in the dream

This dream means a thief will come to your home. If a cat eats something at your home, the thieves will steal something from your house.

Caressing a Cat in the Dream

If you like a cat in dream you will be find a true friend. Indicates that you have a good conversation with him if you do not like cats, if you still like the cat, you will meet a two-faced person.

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