Dream Meaning of Candles

Seeing candles in the dream means generous, high minded people who are whiter than white. These people either may be a religious official who helps other people to choose right decisions or maybe scientists who help people to learn things in the light of science. The dream of candles suggests that you may be this person. You may clarify someone who needs learn something or you may lend a hand to people who need a help. It can also represent that if you are in trouble or you need help, you will find the means to solve your problems and you will achieve happiness.

Dream meaning of lighting a candle

Lighting a candle in your dream means that you have a wish for a while. If you light a candle in your dream it predicts that your wish will come true in the shortest time. If you could not light the candle it is also a good sign. It means you will get the return for your effort about something and you will get out of the hole.

If you were blowing out the candle in your dream, it implies that you may be tested by someone’s death. You may lose someone you love.

If the candle you saw were already died down, it means that you may lose some money because of your careless spending. It can be taken as a warning for you to watch your pennies and prepare a budget for yourself.

Dream interpretation of holding a candle

To see yourself as holding a candle in your dream means that you will meet someone who can be the love of your life. If you already have somebody in your life, it can symbolize having a child in near future. Also, holding a white candle means a talented, lucky and truehearted child.

If you dreamed about you stick a candle in a sanctuary, it predicts that you may make a wish for the good of all mankind. The things you will do may affect all the people around you. In case of your success, all people will get your share.

If someone gave you a candle as a gift in your dream, it means that you may concern yourself about something which will go wrong. It may be for you to see clear at first but you have to be more careful about what you caught up in.


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