Dream Meaning of Camel

Dream about a camel is usually associated with sorrow, sadness and distressed moods. Also, it is a symbol of patience, endurance and determination. If you dream of a camel it means you have some difficulties in your life and you have to be patient and determined to get over these problems. If you saw a a camel with babies, it indicates that you may marry with someone who has children. If you were riding a camel and you got lost in your dream, it means you will be stumped about something in your real life. If you were struggling with a camel in your dream, it is a sign that you will have an argue with a friend of yours in near future and you have to be careful to heal the breach without breaking someone’s heart.

To dream about riding a camel:

If you were riding a camel in your dream it means you may set out on a long journey or a holiday. If the camel that you ride was big and fancy, it means you will beat someone about something.

Dream meaning of seeing a caravan of camels:

To dream about a caravan of camels indicates that you will have right to comment on a issue more than everyone who concerns this matter. Or, you may be the only one who have influence in a project.

Dream interpretation of sacrificing or butchering a camel:

To sacrifice a camel in your dream indicates that a close relative of yours may die or be murdered. If the meat of the camel was shared by a group, it means the properties belongs to this relative will be shared too.

To dream of a baby camel:

Baby camel is a symbol of a good, wise, faithful and honorable child. If the baby camel was standing next to you in your dream it means you may have a son who will have this personality characteristics. If you were feeding this baby camel with your hands in your dream, it is a sign that your biggest dream may come true.

If you saw a camel of unusual colors it can be a sign of finding the love of your life. To dream of a ill or old camel means that you are working hard and you need a break for a while. You have to put all the problems off and rest.


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