Dream Meaning of Calf

To dream about a calf may serve as a warning for the dream owner. If you dream about a calf, it means the dreamer has to analyze better the decisions you make, the people you see and the steps you take in your life. It’s a sign that you need to be more sensitive and careful about vital decisions. You should not take the decisions in stride and you had better think more about them before do something and take action. Especially in daily language, you have to avoid speaking without thinking.

Calves are usually associated with having children in dream interpretations. Seeing a calf in dream is sometimes ascribed as having a child, probably a son, in near future.

If you dream about a calf you own, it means your domestic life may be destroyed by an external factor.

Dream meaning of butchering a calf:

Dream interpretation of butchering a calf is the having better living conditions. If you were butchering a calf in your dream it means you may have a better and peaceful life. Also it is associated with higher salaries. You may get a promotion or expand your business and finally you may be rich.

Dream interpretation of eating veal:

If you were eating veal in your dream it means you will find hapiness, peace and success soon. It is believed that the health of the people who eat veal in their dream will get better. Also, you may luck out in your business and love life.

Dream meaning of feeding calves:

If you were feeding calves in your dream, it means you will make decisions which will bring you happiness. You may take a firm action about your life and it get you luck and reputation. It means that because of all of these things, your friends and relatives also be happy for you.

Dream meaning of selling calves:

If you were selling calves in your dream it means the financial problems you already have in your life, will be solved in the soonest time. You will overcome all of these problems with someone’s help and you will be thankful to this person.

Dream meaning of buying calves:

If you were buying calves in your dream it means, first you will find money for going on a long journey. If you won’t have spare enough time for this journey, you will use that money to make savings.

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