Category: Dream Interpretations Dictionary – Letter A

  • Dream Interpretation of Dogs

    Seeing a dog in a dream indicates that the people you think about and care about are actually with you.  Kind of the Dog Matters In the dream, the hound is defined as a person who loves showing off. Feeding the ornamental dog is a bad sign. Seeing a house dog and walking him around […]

  • Dream Meaning of Clams

    Clams have a different meaning on the base of its interpretations. While some interpretations indicate that you will lose something important, the others could have meanings in that you will come across some important problems about health. Let’s have a look at the meanings.  Dreaming of Eating Clams It indicates uselessness, disloyalty. Provided that you […]

  • Dream Meaning of Clock

    Provided that you dream of clock during your sleep, you are in the right place to have an idea. It refers to many meanings but please read carefully below because if you remember the details of your dream, you can easily make interpretations of clock well. Have a dream of Clock It refers to the […]

  • Dream Meaning of Clairvoyance

    People could have some question marks about dreaming clairvoyance during sleep. Thus, there are many interpreters that could have wrong meanings. That is why people cannot sort the problems out easily. In this way, there could be some interpretations that drive you to comfort. This passage will illuminate your question marks. Meaning of Dreaming Clairvoyance […]

  • Dream Meaning o Clouds

    Some people would dream of clouds during their sleep. Thus, they feel complicated because of this situation. That’s why they might have some question marks on their minds. In this passage, you will be able to get rid of these trivial thoughts and ideas because it will illuminate your minds. Dreaming of Clouds It means […]

  • Dream Meaning of Couch

    There would always be people who would like to get on the coach since their childhood. But, there are people who dream in their sleep such a coach. Then, what does it mean? Are you curious about it? Ok then, let’s revise all these interpretations about it. Dream Interpretation of Couch  It depicts that the […]

  • Dream Meaning of Chocolate

    Some people get depressed when they hear the word of chocolate, whereas others cannot live without it. As far as the dreams are concerned, what meaning does it possess? Are you curious about the meaning of chocolate in your dreams? Thus, this passage will illuminate your question marks about dreaming of chocolate. Meaning of Dreaming […]

  • Dream Meaning of Being Alone

    This dream means that dream owner to be insolent and miserable. If you see all alone in the dream is very evident in the fact that your life is ruined on earth. Or you think so and afraid to be so. Look at the sky, you are not alone.

  • Dream Meaning of Alphabet

    Trying to read the alphabet in the dream, now that you are a mature person, you want to leave your childish behavior on the edge.

  • Dream Meaning of Aliminium

    Aluminum, this metal is a sign that you are a person who is submissive to your destiny. If the metal is dirty, you will have some unexpected problems.