Dream Meaning of Clock

Provided that you dream of clock during your sleep, you are in the right place to have an idea. It refers to many meanings but please read carefully below because if you remember the details of your dream, you can easily make interpretations of clock well.

Have a dream of Clock

It refers to the loyalty. That is to say, you have a great loyalty to the people even at the meetings. However, some interpretations show that it refers to awful things and critical events. That is to say, there might be a person who is not loyal to you. However, it is highly possibly that you will have a regular life. And everything will continue well in your life.

Hearing Voice of Clock

It depicts that you will get offer and invitation in the future. For instance, if you are looking for a job, you will have a job offer from a great company. And you may have a marriage offer from unexpected person. Your life will make a difference for you.

Elegant Clock

If you dream of an elegant clock in your sleep, it will indicate that you should get ready for the surprises in your life. It refers to the happiness and satisfaction. Have a breathe and wait for good news!

A Big Clock

You may come across an event in that you feel upset or depressed. Thus, you shouldn’t care for these things that you feel awful. Try to keep away from bad things.

Broken or Old Clock

If you realize that the clock is broken or doesn’t work, you may have an experience in that you feel agony, hardships and obstacles in your life. There could be some problems that you need to sort out!

Dreaming of Chiming

If you feel that a clock chimes in your dream, you may have to hear some dissatisfying words and statements from someone that you don’t like too much. Thus, it could be critical and warning for you!

Setting Clock

If you are the person who sets the clock in dream, you should organize your life again. It means that you need to change some details in your life before its being too late.

Golden Clock

You can feel like winning a lottery! Since, it refers to wealth and comfort. It is beneficial to dream golden clock in your dream. Besides, it refers to a high position in your workplace.

All in all, clock refers to both good news and critical news for you. Thus, it is up to your decision after reading this passage. Decide next what to do!

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