Category: Dream Interpretations Dictionary – Letter A

  • Dream Meaning of Ambush

    To ambush in a dream is a lie and a deceit, a sign of dangerous things. If you have seen the ambush set up in the dream, you will be a good and beautiful person and you will have many friends. If you see that you ambush someone in the dream, it indicates that you […]

  • Dream Meaning of Ammonia

    If someone sees ammonia smell in the dream, it is interpreted that he is likely to pass an accident soon. Seeing ammonia in the dream indicates that you will feel the movement of one of your friends in the sense that a disease like withdrawal syndrome. Seeing you smell to ammonia, it means you will […]

  • Dream Meaning of Amnesia

    Seeing that amnesia in the dream (forgetfulness disease) indicates the part of your personality that you reject and block. You may be afraid of change. It is necessary for a young person in a dream to get caught up in amnesia and take a psychiatric treatment to try to forget what he or she is […]

  • Dream Meaning of anarchy

    Seeing anarchy in the dream means that provocation and sinester, temporary obstacle. The anarchism seen in the dreams portrays the existence of intervening or quarrelsome people.

  • Dream Meaning of Anesthesia

    In your dream, if you anesthetizing yourself, you will receive health news from one of your relatives, and you will run to the help of those in difficulty whenever you find an opportunity. Seeing that you can not wake up in an anesthetic in the dream, will not heal your illness, if you are sick, […]