Dream Meaning of Clams

Clams have a different meaning on the base of its interpretations. While some interpretations indicate that you will lose something important, the others could have meanings in that you will come across some important problems about health. Let’s have a look at the meanings.

 Dreaming of Eating Clams

It indicates uselessness, disloyalty. Provided that you dream of eating it, you will come across an enemy that is jealous of you. And also, he or she would recognize it. These people could be your friends or relatives around you. It has a warning meaning. You should be careful and choose your friends with a great care. Or else, he or she will ruin your life immediately.

Collecting of Clams

Collecting clams in your dream depicts that you will be able to be delighted with some good news. That is to say you will be able to hear good news accompanied by happiness. Besides, you will eradicate your awful days by saying farewell to these days. Besides, you will not come across poorness in the rest of your life.

Dreaming of Clam Shell

It refers to the bad news in your life. There could be something bad and critical in your life. Then, there is also sign in that you should give much more importance to the people that you fight with before. He or she could be regretful. And also, control over your emotions in order not to transform your emotions into crisis.

Taking out of Clam

Provided that you dream to take clams out in your pocket, it could be sign in that you will find much more energy in your life. That could be like reincarnation in that you will be alive once more. That is to say, life is to begin again for you! How lucky person you are!

Dreaming Clams by Sea

If you dream clams by the sea, you will come across some people who are very honest. That is to say, you will have great relations with honest people.

Buying Clams

It is highly possible to earn many things in your life. Namely, you will have chances to possess much more wealth in the future. How nice to have such a great luck!

Selling Clams

You sell clams in your dreams! Don’t worry about it! However, it indicates that you will have to relax for some time by quitting a job. It should have a meaning of resting a little because of stress. Since, you seem so tired because of stressful atmospheres.

Pearl in Clams

If you dream such a job, you will have some money from where you cannot guess. In addition, you may have a great luck from lucky games. Try it and let your face smile quickly!

In short, you can feel alright when you read this passage. It is about just only clams! Relax and have a nice journey with your dream!

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