Dream Meaning of Toilet

The dream meaning of toilet symbolizes the things which you are working on to survive. It refers to the ways that provide you with solutions or reliefs about some of your problems. Toilet in dream usually is a sign of scrambling for a living or struggling with problems. You are a kind of person who is working very hard to get rid of difficulties.

Alternatively, to dream with a toilet means that you want to have a more comfortable life and you are trying to have better situations. You are always seeking the ways which will help you to prosper and increase your income. Besides, toilet in dream may illustrate a fresh start in your business or private life.   

If you see that you are on the toilet seat in your dream, that represents that you feel desperate about something which you have to release. Sometimes the dream indicates that you will get rid of something which you think you do not need anymore in your life. On  the other hand, to dream that the toilet is plugged up may suggest that you will have some difficulties to be able to overcome your problems.


The dream interpretation of cleaning a toilet

To dream about cleaning a toilet indicates some wrong decisions or steps. These steps and mistakes will cause financial shortages. You will lose your money or properties, so you may be broke in the following days. Also, you may be in need of financial support from you relatives, friends or neighbours.  

The dream meaning of washing a toilet have the same interpretation with the dream of cleaning a toilet. It means that you will lose your financial power suddenly and you will have to struggle to earn you life.

Dream with going to toilet

To dream about going to toilet means that you will have good days. Your income and welfare will increase, you will get rid of your problems and you will pay your debts in the following days. So, you will leave bad days behind you.   

If you see that you are falling down in the toilet in dream, this symbolizes misfortune. You will experience bad days, you will be slandered and be wronged. You will try to prove your innocence but in this process you will feel desperate and unhappy. Besides, trying to persuade others that you are blameless will make you very tired.  


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