Dream Meaning of Ship

Seeing Ship in the Dream

 If you see a ship in your dream, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Relax. Seeing a ship in the sky is a symbol with very positive meanings. 

It means that your financial gains will increase, and it means that your financial gains will be continuous. Not only in your financial life, but also in your family life will be very positive developments. You will have a chance to meet up with all your family members and establish a close friendship. All these positive meanings are valid if the ship you see in your dream is clear.

But if the ship you see in your dream is dirty, then the dream has some negative meanings too. These negative meanings may be related to your relationship with the family.

If you have seen a polluted and neglected ship, it means that you will soon be discussing with a family member. This family member you will argue with will be angry with you. You will break him. But do not worry, this resentment and hostility will not last long. You will make it up soon. I also have another negative comment. According to this interpretation, what you are trying to do now will not happen. You are rowing for nothing. So you have to give up what you are trying to use and use your labor for more accurate places. Do not worry that things you try will not happen. It may be better for you to have things happen sometimes. So direct your effort to another area before you are disappointed.

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